Mulberry Farm


This dazzling 104-acre parcel is home to one of the extraordinary homes you will ever see. Home to an incredible 3600 sqft dwelling, built in 2012 by Thompson Kaplan architects to incorporate the net zero energy efficient home design. Literally built right into the hillside, this home is so incredibly efficient, it has gained LEED platinum honors as well as the Passivhaus certification. The land and home meld together to maximize solar gain as well as fit into the natural beauty of the landscape. The home also has a leak detection sensor grid built under the unique green roof that can detect roof leaks and their exact locations, for the ease of future upkeep.

This dynamic home uses 90% less than other homes of its size, and can be heated for the entire year for less than $500.00. Its 3 bedrooms and spacious terrace are built from sustainable, renewable materials, and utilizes a stormwater collection system to help facilitate landscaping.

Built with the ultimate care and thoughtfulness, the floors and cabinets are made from local white oak and black walnut. With special attention paid to indoor air quality and health of the inhabitants, the entire structure and its finishes were built with components free of VOCโ€™s and formaldehyde.

Breathtaking views of the hillsides, valleys, and the impressive care and detail made in creating the home, this property is sure to enchant the artistry of its homeowners.

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