An Inspiring Riverfront Farm

riverfront farm

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The sun starts to rise over the hills of Blue Ridge Mountains. While the rooster alerts that it is time to start your day. You wake up, grab your cup of coffee and watch the sun come up over the hill of your riverfront farm. The sky is 4 different colors of warm pink, turquoise blue, orange yellow and a hint of purple. Creating a rainbow of colors over the brewery that you recently finished building. Smelling the sweetness of the lavender growing. The deer run across the acres of corn and rows of barley. Angus Beef cattle in the pasture waiting on their feed. You take in the beauty of your riverfront farm and smile.

Riverfront Farm: Turning acreage into sustainable agriculture

Barry Wood of Woodridge Farm in Lovingston, VA gets to do just this every morning on his riverfront farm property. Growing up here, Barry knew that one day he wanted to live full time on this spectacular farm. With ideas and projects running through his mind, Barry knew this riverfront farm was a blank canvas. Over the years Barry has turned this 300-acre riverfront farm into a one of a kind experience. We all know maintaining and running a farm costs money, sometimes a lot of it. Barry has singlehandedly run this farm with minimal help, using agriculture and other ventures as income. So knowing he needed to do something different than other farmers in the area, Barry has used every acre of this farm to make it unique.

Agriculture and Aquaculture!  

Barry farms everything from watermelons, cantaloupe, tomatoes, greens, corn, tomatillos, jalapeños, squash of every kind, broccoli, cabbage, potatoes and much more. Trying to grow produce organically as possible, he does not use chemicals or pesticides on his fruits or vegetables. Because of this, he is able to sell to the local food hub and local farmers market. And he is known to have the best watermelons in the county!  Black Angus steer, pigs, chickens and Alpaca’s are constant fixtures on the farm.

riverfront farm

Barry at one point participated in aquaculture where he farmed catfish and shrimp. With having abundant acreage on his riverfront farm, this allowed him to take advantage of many natural springs on his property. Which created a natural water source for his man-made pond for aquaculture and watering source for produce.

Need a Vacation?

Woodridge Farm is a vacation destination as well for those wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of busy life. Nestled in a hollow on the farm, stands a three-story log cabin that was inspired by his love of the tropical islands. Cabin at Woodridge Farm is a spectacular 3 story 2 bedroom/1 bathroom log cabin built from fallen trees located on his riverfront farm. White sandy beach with tropical plants dotting the lakefront. Enjoy trout fishing from the movable dock, sunbath on the white sandy beach, or take the pedal boat out for a spin. This is truly a hidden gem on this extraordinary property.

Brewery Too!

riverfront farm


Barry wanted to set himself apart from other farms in the area. With 300 acres of riverfront farm property, he had many options of what he can do with the land. He had an opportunity to plant barley, wheat, and rye for local breweries for farm to table craft beers. Which sparked an idea for Barry to build his own brewery. Opening in 2016, Woodridge Farm Brewery showcases 3 different barley types, 2 types of wheat and other non-gmo grains. His use of natural spring water to brew his craft beer has been quite successful. You can enjoy a true “dirt to the glass” craft beer on one of two wrap around decks while catching the astonishing views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Owning a riverfront farm property can inspire many ideas of making good use of your land. Barry did just that. From acres of agriculture, livestock, vacation cabin, man-made lakes, ponds, 2 runway airfield, and a brewery. If this inspired you to seriously consider owning a riverfront farm property, take a look at Virginia Riverfront Farm Properties. Who knows what your property will inspire!