Living the Riverfront Life

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Adventure and fun all in your backyard? I know I’m in! Living on a riverfront affords you something that not many can attain, a fully lived housing potential, don’t know what I’m talking about? Living on a riverfront unlocks another level of enjoying your surroundings and being able to work hard and play hard. Water has been a common source of gathering be it for building a community or building a family. Having a source of water was a very important indicator of sustainable life historically, but now more and more are seeing it as a source of luxury as well as sustainability for the land.

History around every Bend

 It’s no secret that historic settlers often followed rivers and streams to cross them as well as settle next to them. Rivers and streams were and remain to this day to be a life-sustaining energy source from hydroelectric power to providing food on the table. Rivers, especially those in the State of Virginia have provided centuries of fishing, swimming, and other recreational pursuits. Many of the older established settlements throughout the State are based on rivers such as the James River, Shenandoah River, Rappahannock River, and Rivanna River to name a few. 

Riverfront Living and Visiting

Have you gotten a taste for riverfront living and want to visit some towns to discover some amazing places to live? Virginia is your place of opportunity! With fall around the corner, it’s a great time to relax and spend a sun-dappled afternoon admiring the rivers that are around you! 

  • Buchanan – Appointed as one of the top ten towns to find unique antiques, Buchanan and more importantly, the James River is calling you to its shores, and to it’s 1851 built swinging bridge. Either it is history or water that draws you there, you won’t go wrong. 
  • Covington – Beautiful river and mountain town in Allegheny County, the landscape is nothing but exquisite. Paired with the Jackson River and the Gathright Dam, there is a lot of nature to see and enjoy! 
  • Occoquan – Located close to D.C. without the hustle and bustle, Occoquan is the travelers’ dream of a river town, with an amazing boardwalk dotted with some of the best cuisines around. History and dining, you can’t go wrong. 
  • Tappahannock – We can’t have this list not include this gem on the Rappahannock River. Discovered before Williamsburg, there are countless historical landmarks and many activities on the river to keep you busy for some time. 

Living the River Lifestyle

Ready to take it up a notch and buy your own riverfront home? There are a couple of items to think of when buying and looking at your future home. 

  • How close do you want the river? 
  • What river do you want to live by?
  • How deep do you want the river by you?
  • What river activities do you want to do?

There are countless home questions as well, but the most important ones while considering riverfront property is what you want to accomplish by living by one. River living can be one of the most tranquil lifestyles if you choose it. Enjoy the rapids!